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    Mould Eradication <em>Service Delivery</em>

    Mould Eradication Service Delivery

    QEST has 11 years’ experience working within the Social Housing sector across the North of England and North Wales. We are a specialist SME provider of Mould Eradication, Thermal Insulation and Energy Efficiency services.


    We have worked for a number of local authorities and housing associations including Bolton at Home, Plus Dane, Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing, Together Housing, Yorkshire Housing and Broadacres Housing Association. We work in a combination of void and occupied properties and treat 1m either side of the affected area.


    Given this expertise, we understand the requirements of surveying properties thoroughly and effectively planning all works. Through this, we are able to deliver the highest standards of end-to-end customer service and ensuring over 98% customer satisfaction across all works.

    Who We Are

    Our Services

    • Mould Eradication, Biocidal Fogging, Thermal Insulation and associated maintenance issues.
    • A written Survey Report including full pricing breakdown.
    • Experienced client/tenant liaison.
    • Treatments using the highest quality products.
    • All three-stage mould removal work guaranteed.
    • All work carried out in line with Health & Safety and COVID guidelines.
    • We are a responsive business to disrepair claims and tenant complaints.

    If you are interested, we would always be happy to provide a test property to demonstrate the quality of our work and service.

    Client Testimonial

    “I would like to take this opportunity to commend QEST on their service to Yorkshire Housing. Having worked with QEST directly over five years, I have found them to be of the highest quality in all aspect of their work. From referral through to invoicing, the service Yorkshire Housing has received over this time has been impeccable with 100% positive customer satisfaction and having personally tested for value for money, QEST come highly recommended.”

    Fraser Buckle. Technical Services Manager, Yorkshire Housing

    Client Testimonial

    “Excellent contractor, no issues whatsoever”


    Tenant Testimonial

    “The lads came out today to do the work on treatment and prevention of black rot. The QEST guys were incredibly helpful and their priority was that they did a thoroughly professional job for the customer and they meant it. Very pleased with how they conducted themselves and quality of work…Thank you for placing me as a priority. The lads that came round said the dampness stank. I am so pleased the work has been done so I can get my health back to normal.”

    Tenant - Greater Manchester - 2019