Bio-cidal Fogging

Benefits of our bio-fogging product

Kills 99.99% of enveloped virus, bacterial and fungal microbes including Coronavirus, MRSA, Norovirus & E.coli on contact.

1) Long lasting performance – independently tested up to 90 days with no loss of antimicrobial efficacy (4.93 log reduction against MRSA with a 5 minute contact time – 99.9988% effective).


2) Proven technology – been used in a wide range of harsh and challenging environments including hospitals, surgeries, care homes and most recently, extensively throughout all NHS Nightingale field hospitals.


3) Resilient – resistant to high temperatures, cleaning, and abrasion.


4) Safe – non-toxic, water-based and contains no arsenic, heavy metals or polychlorinated phenols


5) Simple to apply – simply add to laundry rinse cycle or spray and wipe onto any hard or soft surface (including phones, keyboards, mice et al). Requires no change to standard cleaning regime. Can also be used in chemical foggers / electrostatic sprayers


6) Broad in scope – suitable for a variety of use cases including hospitality, healthcare, education, workspace and domestic


7) Cost effective – saves time & money through removing the need for daily disinfecting whilst still providing high-level continuous antimicrobial protection

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<em>Benefits of our bio-fogging product</em>

The Benefits of Fogging

Over time, every premises will naturally collect bacteria, germs, dust and dirt. High traffic areas are particularly susceptible to this and even though daily contract cleaning can certainly make a good start with removing these pathogens, it isn’t always enough. Fogging can get to those hard-to-reach areas, without the need to move furniture. The nature of fogging means this mist can weave through every nook and cranny while also clinging to surfaces and applying a disinfectant which is effective for 90 days.

This saves a lot of time and effort compared to conventional disinfection methods. From small office rooms to entire buildings, fogging can disinfect in a matter of minutes. The product forms an invisible, protective, layer delivering a unique antimicrobial barrier that kills bacteria and viruses immediately on contact, including the coronavirus.

All of our operatives are fully trained and can provide swab evidence within any building to show the benefits of the service.

One of the greatest benefits of fogging is peace of mind that no area has been left untouched and staff and visitors are protected.

The process can be repeated on a monthly basis or as often as needed, dependant on the foot flow in the premises.


We offer the following packages to provide our bio-fogging service:


  • One off service delivery on site
  • Full service delivery as outlined above.
  • Certificate of completion issued.


  • Retained service delivered monthly/quarterly
  • Packs of Anti-bacterial wipes provided
  • Full service delivery as outlined above.
  • Certificate of completion issued.


  • Retained service delivered monthly/quarterly
  • Full service delivery as outlined above.
  • Support for your teams – for each member of staff, we will include a bottle of anti-bacterial spray which has been tested against COVID-19, and a pack of masks to protect them and their families away from work.
  • Packs of Anti-bacterial wipes provided
  • Monthly email with additional information to keep your teams safe.
  • Certificate of completion issued.

REFERRAL DISCOUNT – If you refer QST on to another business, we will discount 15% of all future invoices. Alternatively, we offer either a bottle of Champagne or a food hamper as a thank you for your support.

<em>Service Delivery</em>

Service Delivery

• Our two-man team visit your location.


• The team will arrive and review the required area, including any communal areas.


• They will cover any equipment which needs to be protected.


• The team will set up the fogging machine and move through the area, spraying the fine mist to all areas.


• Following the fogging, we advise leaving the area unoccupied for 30 minutes.


• We are happy to undertake this either before or after your standard working day to accommodate this.

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