Mould Eradication

QST are the specialist mould experts, partnering with you to deliver for your customers, nationwide – 365 days a year.

Why you should choose QST Ltd:

Why you should choose QST Ltd:

QST have been at the forefront of the Mould Eradication industry since 2010. We have since accumulated many years of experience in treating and remediating mould, serving a wide range of clients nationally. We are a true ‘authority’ on all things mould. Initially working with clients within West Yorkshire, we have grown to be a business that has remediated over 5,500 properties across the UK in 2023, becoming a valued delivery partner for our many customers. Clients appreciate our undoubted expertise in Mould remediation, our laser focus on our quality of work, customer satisfaction levels and our commitment to driving innovation and promotion of best practice within this sector.


We treat every home as if it were our home, we treat customers with dignity and respect, placing a great focus on educating customers on how to reduce the potential for mould within their homes. Many of our operatives have been with us since the start, and we have created a culture in the business which promotes inclusivity and diversity. Everybody has a voice, and all staff are empowered to drive the business forward. They have joined us on our journey to eradicate mould and improve the lives of our customers because they know that they are making a difference.


QST are driving the industry forward by tackling the biggest challenges head-on. Our commitment is to help customers formulate and navigate their response to Awaabs Law, by understanding the challenges they face, whilst providing the support and expertise they need in these complex times. Our unique ability to adapt, mobilise and implement at short notice truly sets us apart.


What also sets QST apart is the wide range of work we undertake for our clients, from loft surveys and installation to plastering, painting & decorating, thermal insulation, small joinery works and HHSRS surveys. This provides our customers with the means to authorise additional works immediately – whilst we are already within the property, minimising the risk of any delays.

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