Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation reduces condensation by raising surface temperatures.


QST undertake a wide range of thermal improvement works to customer’s properties. These additional services include the installation of ‘Sempatap’, ‘Wallrock’ and Thermal Boarding, as well as our exciting new low-odour thermal paint, which also has the added benefit of an active-barrier fungicide to inhibit mould growth, with its anti-condensation properties.



We also apply ‘Sempafloor’ to cold areas of flooring where required, to prevent cold bridging and improve the thermal resistance of the flooring. This is particularly effective in apartment blocks where cold bridging through blocks of concrete can become an issue. This also provides the added benefit of sound reduction, as Sempafloor reduces sound transmission.



We have all the required knowledge, expertise and equipment, with our skilled operatives having over 14 years’ experience installing these products into our clients’ properties, improving the thermal efficiency of housing stock nationwide, making a difference to people’s quality of life.



We are continually researching the market to bring new and exciting products to the attention of our clients, which will further improve the thermal performance of their assets.

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Thermal insulation reduces condensation by raising surface temperatures.