Signs of damp

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    <em>Signs of Damp</em>

    Signs of Damp

    Some of the common signs of damp inside a house include:


    • A damp or musty smell
    • The appearance of mould or mildew on walls, floors or ceilings
    • Walls, floors or ceilings that feel cold or damp to the touch
    • Dark or discoloured patches on walls or plaster
    • Lifting or peeling wallpaper
    • Excessive condensation on windows, especially in areas like the Bathroom and Kitchen


    What are the signs of rising damp?


    If you’re worried that rising damp could be a problem, there are some particular signs that you can look out for. These include:


    • Damp patches that start at the base of a wall and gradually move upwards
    • Skirting boards or plaster that is damp or rotting
    • Floor coverings, such as tiles, vinyl or carpet, that are wet and lifting
    • Peeling paint or wallpaper
    • The appearance of a white, powdery salt-like substance on a wall
    • Yellow or brown tide marks or staining on a wall


    Rising damp needs to be dealt with by a professional. Although QST do not provide this service, we can recommend partners who can advise you.

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