<em>Why Indufresh?</em>

Why Indufresh?

• Following customer feedback, QEST wanted to find a solution which would deal with the typical unpleasant smells which many of our social housing clients struggle to tackle

• This includes those in void properties, but also areas which have heavy usage including bin chutes and laundry rooms

• Following this, QEST worked with a leading UK cleaning chemical partner who have developed solutions for the catering sector

• Indufresh was adapted to address these client needs, using smell encapsulation and deodorizing technology

• The chemical works by forming a bubble around the unpleasant odour molecules and dispensing a fresh scent, leaving the area refreshed

• The smell is long lasting and in testing has still been noted 2 months after application

• The chemical is diluted before application and is safe to be used around humans and pets

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